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    Hello! | سلام الله عليك 👋

    Thanks for being here,I'd like to take the chance to tell you who I am? I am Yonisfy, I will be your guide, also will be your friend, your lifesaver and be the one who tells you the secrets about web development. you can join discord to get latest update

    Yonisfy is a personal project made with ❤️ by Mohammed Elzanaty and it's not affiliated with any company the main purpose for this project is to help people to get the better version of them selves if you need to support the project you can support me via Youtube by becoming member of my channel

    if you need a Mentor and a Frontend Guide with different track [Intern, Foundation, Professioanl] please now visit Mentomz

    Why do I exist? 🔥

    I know now maybe the only question you have is why Yonisfy exist and why he helps you what all he got for free, even without waiting for you to ask

    in simple words we can say because that's the nature of Yonisfy, I know him a long time ago and can confirm this but to answer your question because at the time Yonisfy started programming, there were many things that I did not know, even the simplest things but after four, five, ten days or more and still my problem was not solved, and get stuck. I decided to go the war which I always hate before any question to overcome my shyness then finally, ASK, and here's a sample of the questions and answers:-

    • What are the best courses for web development? Sorry bro, I am busy
    • What are the best articles? I don't know why you ask to find it yourself
    • How can I ....? How does someone like you become a developer?
    • What is the way to do this or that? 😓 😥 😢

    I reached the point that it made me think that sometimes I lose hope from those around me. Yes, my friend. I have gone through what you have gone through, and maybe more. And here I am. I will try with all I can to provide all the information you need. I will give you answers to the questions that will solve your problems. by providing

    • Roadmaps 🚀
    • Youtube Videos 📹
    • My notes on some technology 💻
    • How to prepare for an interview 🌐
    • Free Consulting for any question you have 🏂

    In our simple language, Yonisfy will give you the secret of craftsmanship ❤️

    The biggest passions in life for me are people and experiences. I hope Yonisfy can improve your life in some meaningful way and that you, in turn, can improve someone else's life to keep the circle closed.

    About Me

    mohammed elzanaty

    I am Mohammed Elzanaty. a passionate teaching-lover, developer, writer, and autodidact. I'm presently (as of writing) a Senior Technical Frontend Lead at Vodafone International Services and Nano Degree Frontend Lead at Udacity.

    🦁 Developed a wide range of projects for small and large companies with enormous amounts of experience working on different projects around the world.

    🦁 Delivered workshops and talks for more than +1500 hours of teaching because I love teaching, entertaining, and informing. fell free to Reach me out to see if I can help you with your conference or training

    🦁 My beautiful wife, and I live in a city called El Tor, South Sina in Egypt.

    🏅 I was honored at Vodafone for my excellent performance for three months in a row and marked as a Vodafone star due to commitment and going the extra mile to achieve the milestones.

    🏅 I was honored at Udacity for my excellent performance and my initiatives with students to be Frontend Session Lead of the month.

    I love to teach. It's a challenging task that forces you to peel back all the knowledge you've gained so you can approach someone who lacks the same experience and terminology you have. It forces you to take amorphous concepts floating in your brain and crystalize them into solid concepts that you can describe. It forces you to acknowledge your gaps in knowledge because you'll begin to question things you know others will question. For me to ever master a concept, I have to teach it to someone else.

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