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    React NanoDegree

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    What is a library?

    What is a framework?

    Framework VS Library

    What is React?

    Why use React?

    What problems does React solve?

    Virtual DOM Diffing

    Imperative vs Declarative Programming

    Unidirectional Data Flow in React

    Reusable Component in React, a practical guide

    Create React App: Get React Projects Ready Fast

    What's JSX?

    JSX is not HTML!

    JSX without the syntactical sugar.

    What are Props?

    Learn the basics of destructuring props in React

    Fixing React missing key error the easy way and why it even happens

    Props are read-only.

    What's React state?

    What's the meaning of immutability?

    Why do we need to use setState to set the state?

    Why use state instead of variable?

    What is a component's life cycle?

    What does it mean when we say a component is mounted?

    What are PropTypes and how to use them?

    Loosely typed vs strongly typed languages to understand why proptypes are important

    Mounting vs Rendering

    What is React router?


    Understanding immutability

    What is a pure function?

    Higher order functions

    Understanding Currying

    What is Redux?

    Why use Redux?

    When to use Redux?

    Learn Regular Expressions (Regex) - Crash Course for Beginners

    Redux For Beginners | React Redux Tutorial - Dev Ed

    Redux Tutorial - Learn Redux from Scratch - Mosh Hamedani

    React Redux Playlist - Codevolution

    Redux Introduction | How Redux works | Redux fundamentals - Techsith

    ReactJS + Redux Basics Playlist - Academind

    React Redux Tutorial for Beginners: The Complete Guide - Valentino Gagliardi

    Redux for Beginners – The Brain-Friendly Guide to Learning Redux - Chris Blakely

    Redux: Beginner's guide - Eric The Coder

    React Redux Tutorial for Beginners: Simply Explained - Christopher Lis

    How To Manage State in React with Redux - Joe Morgan

    Fundamentals of Redux Course - Dan Abramov (Co-Author of Redux and a React maintainer)

    Redux Flow

    Redux Actions

    Redux Middleware

    Separation of Concerns

    Redux Thunk

    Redux Reducer

    Redux Store

    Redux Connect

    Redux MapStateToProps


    What is a JavaScript module?

    What is a dependency?

    What is Webpack?

    Why do we use Webpack?

    What is a Webpack Bundle, Output, Entry Point, Dependency Graph?

    Webpack Plugin vs Loader and the use cases of both.

    What is tree shaking and how it works?

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